In Memoriam

Deceased Classmates

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Alberti, Michelle
Anderson, Bonnie
Baumann, Kylie
Baumgartner, Randy
Bear, Pete
Carter, Gregory
Cashen, Cindi
Comstock, Larry
Cone, Tom
Corrigan, Lynn
Craig, Hod
Crampton , Patricia
Crider, Debbie
Cumberworth, Mark
Dirr, David
Donovan, Jerry
Dryer, Ronald
Dutton, Thomas
Eickholt, Ralph
Eisler, Deborah
Ellis, Bill
Ensign, Chris
Erausquin, Gigi
Favors, Melba
Felty, Lou Anne
Ferris, Larry
Flanner, Sue
Foote, Tom
Friess, Tom
Gauthier, Jean
Gembolis, Don
Giaquinto, Thomas
Gonzales, Max
Graham, Michael A
Grinnell, Judie
Guss, Howard
Hall, Pat
Hall, John
Harris, Marcine
Hatt, Rick
Haughey, Jeff
Hendricks, Brett
Hoffner, Bill
Holmes, Don
Hubbell, Gary
Hurley, Tim
Ingle, Sandy
Kane, Laura
Kasky, Dave
Kessler, Howard
Klein, Kyle
Lang, Bruce
Levin, Robert
Lewis, Art
Lorenzen, Donald
Mars, Gerry
McCann, William
Meyer, Gary
Munger, Joanne
Oneail, Mike
Perkins, Harley
Pierce, Richard
Randall, Jim
Rasmussen, Debi
Ray, Barry
Rhoades, Dave
Rios, Sara
Roberts, John
Ruch, David
Sass, Dave
Saylor, Clyde
Scholz, Phil
Scott, Janis
Shay, Jerry
Shumway, Velma
Smith, Valerie
Smith, LouAnn
Smith, Dan
Smith, Roger
Smith, George
Smythe, Scott
Sollman, Donna
Sparks, Floyd
Sussman, Tom
Tansel, Randy
Thebeau, Christopher
Tusch, Kurt
Tuttle, Karen
Wandersee, Peggy
Warner, Pete
Williamson, Billie
Zander, Larry

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  1. Hello Class of 1970!!! Although I, Julie Neuberger, am an alum of the Class of 1971, I'm chiming in to say that the Class of 1971 will be "sharing" this wonderful July 23 and 24th, 2021 weekend together with the Class of 1970 to celebrate our combined 50th SHS class Reunions! I could not be more excited! As of this date, June 14, 2020, the Class of '71 does not have an AWESOME webpage such as yours. Until such time we are fortunate enough to have one created, if you have any comments or questions for me, you may "ask" to be "invited" to the FaceBook site we created. Simply search: SHS Class of 1971 Reunion. My thoughts and love are with all of you. We will get through this!



The date for accepting prepaid tickets has passed.  Prepaid tickets can no longer be purchased, but any alumni showing up at the door on Fri...