Wednesday, July 14, 2021

SHS Class of 1971 Will Be There!

 We've got alumni from the class of 1971 who will be at the Village Inn.  Here's a list of expected guests:

Beery, Jeff
Bell, Pattie
Burnard, Laurie
Butterfield, Robert
Carr, Karen
Carr, William
Cianci, Paul
Cianci, Tracy
Colgan-Cox, Cynthia
Condon, Mike
Curl, Stephen
Dixon, Lori
Dixon, Mark
Dixon, Randy
Fletcher, Bob
Fletcher, Suzanne
Friess, Sharon
Gardner, Rick
Gifford, Byron
Grinney, John
Harlan, Melinda
Harlan, Woody
Hickman, Gregg
Howard, Dave
Howard, John
Hyrne, Mike
Iverson, John
Jenks, Ann
Jones-Brown, Jan
King, Douglas
Kingsley, Matt
Kjoller, Ken
Kovarik, Sue
Leeds, Janice
Lewis, Beth
Major, Chris
Matthews, Cathy
Matthews, Rod
Robinson, John
Ruppel, Gary
Ruse, Kathleen
Savoia, Barb
Schneider, Brian
Scott, Darla
Scott, Mike
Seeman, Becky
Sengstock, Cindy
Sengstock, Loren
Shaw, Amey
Snyder, Greg
Sorrell, Helen
Stenbuck, Neil
Stichter, Frank
Stratton, Bob
Stratton, Deb
Sweet, John
Tanner-Seaman, Cindy
Tanner, Diane
Treuhaft, Brenda
Treuhaft, Chip
Weigand, Jim
Weigand, Teresa
Westland, Heidi
Wilk, Karen
Young, Lisa

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