Sunday, June 6, 2021

Who's Coming to the Party?

I spoke with an old alumni the other day, and asked if he was coming to the reunion.  His response was, "I don't know.  Who's going to be there?"

This is the question I'm asked most often.  Here's the answer: A list of confirmed reservations for our 50th reunion.  Take a look and get your name added to the list!

Classmate and Spouse
Bales, Jane and Mike Burke
Beckstead, Patricia and Bob Tjan
Bennett, Sondra
Blakeman, Douglas
Brown, Randy and Pam Brown
Byroade, Debbie and Gary Schaaf
Byroade, Pam
Condon, Deborah and Don Garris
Covrett, Scott
Doran, Laurie and Bob Pacer
Draime, Connie and John Mahon
Eaton, Douglas
Fisher, Barb and Brian Wachter
Gottlieb, William
Hall, Linda and Dave Simpson
Hasselschwert, Daniel and Connie Hasselschwert
Hepler, Robert
Hill, Vicki
Hobling, LouAnn and Steve Fletcher
Huss, Lee and Diane Huss
Jacobs, Linda
Jeffery, Debra and William Gagnon
Kern, Linda
Killiam, Daniel
Knepper, Linda and Bruce Seeger
Ling, Cynthia and Neil Root
Mahon, John and Connie Mahon
Murphey, James
Paul, Tom and Mary Jane Paul
Pohlman, Karen
Poll, Peter and Beth Poll
Radzinski, Gregory
Rathge, Diane and Hugh Collins
Risher, Stephan
Rogers, Michael and Katie Rogers
Root, Dennis
Schafstall, Charles
Schwartz, Sharon
Schwartz, William
Sears, Julie and Brian Daniels
Simon, Miriam
Smith, Nancy and Jerry Newman
Snyder, Robert and Bessie
Spix, Mark and Janet Spix
Stautzenbach, Sharon and Bill Carr
Stichter, Kristen and Fred Goodell
Strong, Alice
Webb, David and Diane Webb
Zeitner, Vicki and Andrew Mahler

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