Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Welcome Letter from Jim Murphey

Welcome Wildcats, class of 1970!

As a representative of the class of 1970 Reunion Committee I want to welcome you to our web site.

I want to thank Bill Emery, a fellow classmate for stepping up and agreeing to design and administer the web site.

The reason and/or purpose of the web site is to provide information to our fellow 1970 graduates about our 50th class reunion week, July 24th, 25th 2020.  In addition to providing details about the weekend activities we also want to promote class participation and attendance for this significant event.

The big question facing all of us is: Why should I attend my 50th high school reunion?  The simple quick answer is that I have attended reunions in the past, had a great time and will attend the 50th.  This is our core group that have supported past reunions.  Another answer is that I had a great experience in high school and the weekend might allow me the opportunity to revisit my high school experience one more time!

Having been involved in the planning of our 30th and 40th reunions what I enjoyed the most was little or no pressure to impress anyone.  At the 10th and 20th many of us tried to impress each other with our status in life whether it be job and/or family.  At the 30th and 40th no one cared!  We all enjoyed the conversations, interactions with fellow classmates regardless of our relationship in high school.  At this stage of our life we have checked our egos at the door and just enjoyed the experience.  As I like to say at this point in my life it is what it is!

So please consider joining us for an action packed weekend and for a short time relive a special time of our lives.

Many of you have reached out and asked what you can do to help with the reunion.  First, encourage a friend to come back for the weekend.  The more of us reaching to our network the better the turnout.  Second, check the list on the web site of people we have no contact information, list 3.  Provide us a point of contact and also reach out to them personally about coming to the reunion.  This happens once, don’t miss it!


Jim Murphey
Reunion Committee

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