Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Combined Reunion Update

Good afternoon!

We are soon approaching the final commitment to contract with the "Tamo" for a reunion of the SHS Classes of 1968, '69, '70, '71 from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Saturday, October 1, 2022.  Here's an overview of the facility:
  • 36,000 sq ft indoor facility -  indoor, newly applied artificial turf soccer stadium
  • 6 hours (1/2 day); the entire facility will be ours
  • no outside alcohol - We are contracting for a cash bar at the event
  • food trucks will supply those that are interested, with "just out the door" access; We can bring our own coolers with food/soft drinks if desired
  • 8' round tables $9.50 ea; chairs $1.00 ea - (so, for example $17.50 to "sponsor" a table).  We plan to need approximately 30-40 tables (not everybody will be sitting)
  • They will arrange for set up and break down, and provide cleanup
  • They have audiovisual and entertainment capabilities (The Reunion Band is planning a performance)
  • We plan to ask for $10/person at the door to help offset expenses, and will contribute all the remaining funds to the SHS Scholarship Fund.
I'm pleased to announce that 1969 Graduate, Debbie Kovacs has so very graciously offered her skills to create a "SHS Combined Reunion" account so that contributions can be sent to her address for deposit and subsequent payments for the venue and needs.  The account is not yet ready for active use, but should be within the next few weeks.  A general announcement will be sent and shared when the account is active.

The planning committee estimates an attendance of around 350+ (graduates + significant others).  We will encourage smaller get-togethers of friends at homes, restaurants, or other venues if desired before the event, but this is up to individual choice.  We strongly encourage a grand but casual mixer at the Tamo starting around 5:00-5:30 for all our classmates to mingle.  There is no structured "program" per se.  We have plenty of space and time for fresh ideas.

The Planning Committee Members are excited for this event, and anticipate an evening of fun and memories.  Please share this email with our friends and classmates!  I encourage communication among you, and invite you to share your thoughts.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!  GO CATS!

Terry Barber, Sr.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Reunion on Saturday, October 1, 2022

Several months of communication among SHS graduates from other classes with similar thoughts has resulted in a commitment to a Sylvania High School Combined Reunion among graduates from '68, '69, '70, and '71!

The "SHS COMBINED REUNION" will be Saturday, October 1, 2022 at Tam-O-Shanter Recreation Facility (Tamo) in Sylvania, from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  A group of committed classmates from each class have planned this to be a casual and simple gathering of a conservative estimate of 350+ attendees.  Communication within the Classes will encourage small gatherings and activities among friends prior to the large gathering and mixer at Tamo.  This is a wonderful opportunity to reunite with our classmates, and provide a chance to see old friends from the other classes.  Details of the arrangements will follow, along with informative communications over the summer.

The SHS Combined Reunion planning group are excited for this to be a potentially once-in-a-lifetime successful event!  We look forward to seeing you there, so mark your calendars for October 1!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


The date for accepting prepaid tickets has passed.  Prepaid tickets can no longer be purchased, but any alumni showing up at the door on Friday night are welcome to attend the party.

Tickets at the door are $20.00 per person.



Wednesday, July 14, 2021

SHS Class of 1971 Will Be There!

 We've got alumni from the class of 1971 who will be at the Village Inn.  Here's a list of expected guests:

Beery, Jeff
Bell, Pattie
Burnard, Laurie
Butterfield, Robert
Carr, Karen
Carr, William
Cianci, Paul
Cianci, Tracy
Colgan-Cox, Cynthia
Condon, Mike
Curl, Stephen
Dixon, Lori
Dixon, Mark
Dixon, Randy
Fletcher, Bob
Fletcher, Suzanne
Friess, Sharon
Gardner, Rick
Gifford, Byron
Grinney, John
Harlan, Melinda
Harlan, Woody
Hickman, Gregg
Howard, Dave
Howard, John
Hyrne, Mike
Iverson, John
Jenks, Ann
Jones-Brown, Jan
King, Douglas
Kingsley, Matt
Kjoller, Ken
Kovarik, Sue
Leeds, Janice
Lewis, Beth
Major, Chris
Matthews, Cathy
Matthews, Rod
Robinson, John
Ruppel, Gary
Ruse, Kathleen
Savoia, Barb
Schneider, Brian
Scott, Darla
Scott, Mike
Seeman, Becky
Sengstock, Cindy
Sengstock, Loren
Shaw, Amey
Snyder, Greg
Sorrell, Helen
Stenbuck, Neil
Stichter, Frank
Stratton, Bob
Stratton, Deb
Sweet, John
Tanner-Seaman, Cindy
Tanner, Diane
Treuhaft, Brenda
Treuhaft, Chip
Weigand, Jim
Weigand, Teresa
Westland, Heidi
Wilk, Karen
Young, Lisa

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Who Else is Coming to the Party?

Here's an updated list of people coming to the party.

Abbott, Duane
Bales, Jane
Bennett, Sondra
Blakeman, Douglas
Boyles, Lauren
Brown, Becky
Brown, Randy
Burnard, Don
Byroade, Debbie
Byroade, Pam
Condon, Deborah
Covrett, Scott
Davis, Beth
Deye, Terry
Doran, Laurie
Draime, Connie
Eaton, Douglas
Fisher, Barb
Gottlieb, William
Gottschalk, Peter
Hall, Linda
Hasselschwert, Daniel
Hepler, Robert
Hill, Vicki
Himmelein, Barbara
Hobling, LouAnn
Jacobs, Linda
Jeffery, Debra
Kern, Linda
Killiam, Daniel
Knepper, Linda
Kostanski, Kenneth
Krichbaum, Jennifer
Ling, Cynthia
Mahon, John
Midgley, Scott
Miller, Sue
Murphey, James
Parseghian, Tom
Paul, Tom
Pohlman, Karen
Poll, Peter
Radzinski, Gregory
Rathge, Diane
Risher, Stephan
Rogers, Michael
Root, Dennis
Schafstall, Charles
Schwartz, Sharon
Schwartz, William
Sears, Julie
Seidl, Kenneth
Shannon, Lindy
Simon, Miriam
Smith, Nancy
Snyder, Robert
Spix, Mark
Stautzenbach, Sharon
Stichter, Kristen
Strong, Alice
Thomas Thomas
Vitou, Mark
Washer, Cathy
Webb, David
Zeitner, Vicki

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Who's Coming to the Party?

I spoke with an old alumni the other day, and asked if he was coming to the reunion.  His response was, "I don't know.  Who's going to be there?"

This is the question I'm asked most often.  Here's the answer: A list of confirmed reservations for our 50th reunion.  Take a look and get your name added to the list!

Classmate and Spouse
Bales, Jane and Mike Burke
Beckstead, Patricia and Bob Tjan
Bennett, Sondra
Blakeman, Douglas
Brown, Randy and Pam Brown
Byroade, Debbie and Gary Schaaf
Byroade, Pam
Condon, Deborah and Don Garris
Covrett, Scott
Doran, Laurie and Bob Pacer
Draime, Connie and John Mahon
Eaton, Douglas
Fisher, Barb and Brian Wachter
Gottlieb, William
Hall, Linda and Dave Simpson
Hasselschwert, Daniel and Connie Hasselschwert
Hepler, Robert
Hill, Vicki
Hobling, LouAnn and Steve Fletcher
Huss, Lee and Diane Huss
Jacobs, Linda
Jeffery, Debra and William Gagnon
Kern, Linda
Killiam, Daniel
Knepper, Linda and Bruce Seeger
Ling, Cynthia and Neil Root
Mahon, John and Connie Mahon
Murphey, James
Paul, Tom and Mary Jane Paul
Pohlman, Karen
Poll, Peter and Beth Poll
Radzinski, Gregory
Rathge, Diane and Hugh Collins
Risher, Stephan
Rogers, Michael and Katie Rogers
Root, Dennis
Schafstall, Charles
Schwartz, Sharon
Schwartz, William
Sears, Julie and Brian Daniels
Simon, Miriam
Smith, Nancy and Jerry Newman
Snyder, Robert and Bessie
Spix, Mark and Janet Spix
Stautzenbach, Sharon and Bill Carr
Stichter, Kristen and Fred Goodell
Strong, Alice
Webb, David and Diane Webb
Zeitner, Vicki and Andrew Mahler

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Latest News and Updates

Based on the current number of people who have committed to come to our Saturday night party the committee has decided to change our venue.

Instead of going to Lourdes, we are moving to the Elks Lodge located at 3520 N Holland Sylvania Rd, Toledo, OH 43615. For those of you who attended our 40th reunion, we held our Sat. night party at the Elks. It was a great time.

We have the entire lodge for the evening. Their main dining room, bar and dance area, and the back patio. The outdoor patio provides those people who still smoke a place to enjoy their habit.

Michaels will still be catering the event and we will still be offering the same menu! Also, the drinks at the Elks are less expensive with a much better pour than we would have received at Lourdes.

It will be a great weekend!!!

Your Reunion Committee.

Combined Reunion Update

Good afternoon! We are soon approaching the final commitment to contract with the "Tamo" for a reunion of the SHS Classes of 1968,...